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Fire Wise Landscaping Projects and Renovation

I have worked with Larry for over 10 years. His professionalism and management skills have exceeded my expectations. After the Valley Fires in 2015, we co-managed a $2.5 million dollar forestry reparation grant in which Larry handled all the legal and task details. It was a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend Larry. -John Colon, Facilities Mgr. for MOA Retreat Center, Seigler Springs, CA

I responded to a postcard from Fire Wise Landscaping in 2018. Like many others, I was concerned with wild fires. I wanted peace of mind about feeling safe in my home and protecting my 31 acres. Larry came to my property and performed the initial no charge Fire Safety Consultation. Larry offered observations and recommendations and I agreed to use his services.

The Fire Wise Landscaping team delivered the following: fuel reduction in order to prevent the trees from catching fire: strategically clearing underbrush and shrubs, removing lower branches, cutting down potentially dangerous trees, pruning several oak trees for both fire reduction and the overall health, and applying mineral supplements to oak trees. The goal was to create a healthy forest.

I found Larry extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to work with. Juan, Larry’s partner and the entire crew were highly professional. The project was delivered on time, the investment was fair. A number of my neighbors used Fire Wise Landscaping. All were pleased with the services. I endorse the services of Larry Rugoff and Fire Wise Landscaping to anyone looking for expertise, a quality job, and a fair price.  -Peter W., Homeowner, St. Helena, California

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